Read through to learn a little bit about me, Kim Amy and Fun Happiness and Life.

I started this blog as a hobby. I found myself wanting to connect with others and get some of my own observations, ideas and life happenings recorded. I am an optimistic person and try to always look on the bright side of things. I have two wonderful boys who have thrown some challenges my way.

My older boy, D-Man, is an imaginative and curious boy who is into LEGOs, Superheroes and Star Wars. At about 2 years of age we figured out D-Man had some very serious allergies to foods. You can find musings about his allergies (and asthma) and on the page FOOD ALLERGIES.

How I balance being a special needs mom and a pediatric occupational therapist. #therapythursday

My younger boy, Big-C (couldn’t call him C-Man), is a friendly and adventurous boy who mimics his brother and is determined to achieve all he can. Within a day of him being born we were told he has Down Syndrome and a serious heart defect that would need surgery. You can find more on his story under DOWN SYNDROME .Celebrating the normalcy 3 years after open heart surgery. #downsyndrome #funhappinessandlife

I am Kim Amy. I love caring for my boys, keeping a happy home and I am terrific at starting projects.  I am a pediatric occupational therapist, an entrepreneur, a single mom and come from a supportive family. I own my business as a  Rodan & Fields consultant. In this blog you will find crafts I do for my homes, recipes I make for my household, ideas for promoting development in children, and ways I save and make money.

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