Grilled Zucchini Boats

Delicious and easy summertime grilled veggie is terrific! #tastytuesday #funhappinessandlifeGrilled zucchini boats are a great summer recipe. You can get the main ingredient from your local farmer’s market or from your own garden. At this time our squash plant has only a few leaves and two small flowers, we may be waiting awhile for our home grown garden.

Mr. P and I got ourselves a grill pan when we bought an identical one for a relative. We love it, I am still learning to cook on the grill with it. This recipe took me a few trials to perfect. The first time I over charred the open face side because the grill was too hot. The zucchini ended up being too soggy, but this might be due to the fact I was having some wine with my neighbor instead of getting dinner ready (summer rocks!). The cheese I initially used was string cheese, rather than shredded, and it slid off the boat like a cheese lump in the first bite.Delicious and easy summertime grilled veggie is terrific! #tastytuesday #funhappinessandlife Continue reading “Grilled Zucchini Boats”


Summer Educational Slide

Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy

I am determined to help my child communicate. #downsyndrome #PECS #funhappinessandlifeAt least that’s how the song goes. The livin’ is nice. We opened the windows,  the boys are excited to get outside and they are having a great time. We’ve been able to swim, start tennis lessons, try riding a bike, jump on the neighbor’s trampoline, have play dates, visit parks, visit splash pads and get the beginnings of a well earned farmer’s tan.

We have noticed is that our 5 year old is doing well with maintaining his skills he learned this past year in school. In the car on our way to whatever we practice counting, reading signs, discerning our left from our right. We read books together. He is able to remember everything he learned in 4K.

Our 3 year old on the other hand seems to be having a slide with his educational skills. He has decreased his trying to talk and increased his stomping his foot, yelling out, turning his back and not following directions. You may say, yes but that’s what 3 year old do. True. My 3 year old only has about 10 clear words he can speak. Continue reading “Summer Educational Slide”


Upcycle Diaper Box

I hated what was happening on top of my refrigerator. Every night Wednesday through Friday I empty out lunch boxes belonging to D-Man, Big-C and myself from our day at work/daycare. As a result we get a pile of crap on top of the refrigerator. I was determined to make it stop, I had a few options.

The top of the refrigerator was the dumping ground for our lunch boxes. #makeitmonday #funhappinessandlife #gluerocksI could find some space in one of my kitchen cabinets to store the lunch boxes, but I use that space and didn’t want to free it up. I could take the lunch boxes to the basement every night and bring them up every morning, but “no thank you” says my knees I run those stairs enough. We could finally build our new house and give me a walk-in pantry and bigger kitchen, that might not happen by this weekend. I could buy a cute box and place all the stuff in it, but my frugal self didn’t want to spend that money. I decided my only option to make my own box with materials I have already in my home (I got to use the glue gun!).

I have plenty of cardboard boxes otherwise known as diaper boxes. I have revamped a few of them into book boxes around the house, but have always used paper to cover the boxes. Continue reading “Upcycle Diaper Box”


The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Make the best cut out sugar cookies with these simple techniques. #peanutfree #treenutfree #notlowfat #notlowsugar #funhappinessandlifeI have very few claims to fame. At my sons’ day care I make the best sugar cut out cookies. Yep I am bragging (it’s just fame inside one silly daycare center, but it is mine). I am not a baker at heart, but due to my D-Man’s food allergies I have become one. I bake many of my family’s birthday cakes. All of my recipes are free of peanuts, tree nuts, fish, cucumbers, sesame seed and sunflower seed due to D-Man’s food allergies.

Make the best cut out sugar cookies with these simple techniques. #peanutfree #treenutfree #notlowfat #notlowsugar #funhappinessandlifeI also think people like my baking because I use ingredients like real butter, heavy cream and nothing low calorie or low fat. My belief is, I am making a dessert, it should be tasty. If you are watching your calories have a salad for dinner and revel in the dessert. Most cut out sugar cookie recipes are generally the same. The issue is more with the techniques used when preparing the recipe or making the cookies. Continue reading “The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies”


DIY Succulent Planter

DIY succulent planter upcycled from a jello mold is perfect for your table with umbrella stand #diy #succulentplanter #upcycle #outdoorgardeningI am so excited to share this Make It Monday creation with you all. This DIY succulent planter is one of those projects that I had an idea of what I wanted in my head, but was unsure if it would turn out as I desired. I have been looking at the succulents at the garden stores, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I love the simplicity of their look and all the posts keep saying they are so easy to maintain….we shall see.

I had an idea for what I wanted for my patio table, but wasn’t sure I could find what I was looking for at the local Goodwill store. I was thinking a type of bundt pan, but the opening would be too small for what I intended. Then looking over the piles of discarded baking pans I came across the perfect jello mold. Continue reading “DIY Succulent Planter”