My New Adventure

I did it, I jumped into a new adventure! This past week I started my Rodan & Fields journey and I am terrified, excited and intrigued with this new business. My story of how I got involved in this adventure starts with my old college roommate contacting me and inviting me to join her team.  I gave her the brush off and was like, no I don’t have time I have two boys and am dealing with a non-enjoyable marriage situation, leave me alone. Continue reading “My New Adventure”

Make Ahead Freezer Meatballs is an easy food item to have to grab out of the freezer on a busy night to satisfy the whole family.

Make Ahead Freezer Meatballs

“What’s for dinner mom?”

Ummm….let me look in the freezer. YES we have meatballs. “We are having spaghetti and meatballs!” This is only possible on a crazy-normal everyday weeknight if I have meatballs in my freezer. It’s such a relief when I look in the freezer and I see more than ice cubes.

Make ahead freezer meatballs are an easy item to grab out of your freezer when you are not sure what to make for dinner. Having two small kids at home it’s nice to be able to pull these meatballs out of the freezer to add to pasta, soup or casserole recipes. Feel free to play around with the seasoning to match your tastes, it’s a flexible recipe!

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Twas the Night Before Christmas Box is a terrific family tradition that helps the kids get to bed, look nice in the morning and kick off Christmas day with JOY!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Box: A Family Tradition

As I am writing this post it is 47 days until Christmas. Life is coming at me pretty fast this year and I haven’t been on top of Christmas presents. I am set with my Night Before Christmas Box. This is one of my favorite Christmas Traditions. It sets the tone for Christmas day and helps my kids get to bed the night before Christmas.

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Door Knob Silencer. Quick and easy sewing project for nursery. New moms would love this functional gift to keep your door latch quiet when the door opens and closes.

Door Knob Silencer: To Avoid Waking a Sleeping Baby

This door knob silencer is an easy sewing project for yourself or to make for any new mom. I also find it helpful when wanting to have less slamming doors for families that are on different sleep schedules, toddlers that lock themselves into rooms and for animals trap themselves into rooms. It comes in handy on the days that the windows are open and a gust of wind swings the doors shut.  This sewing project takes about 15 minutes to create and the result can give you years of quiet closing doors.

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