DIY Skin Care

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DIY skin care: face wash, body wash, body scrub and eye makeup removerI have been making my own skin care products including body wash, face wash, eye make-up remover and body scrub for the past year and wanted to share what has worked. I got started making my own skin care after I began making my own laundry supplies and loving the results. Of course I am a Pinterest addict (admitting is the first step) and had seen many posts about DIY skin care products. So there are a TON of options out there. The body wash, eye make-up remover and body scrub are pretty basic. The face wash has a few more ingredients and process, but still is simple to follow.

Within the following week I will be posting a product that I choose to use on my skin and the ingredients I prefer. Remember I am not a dermatologist, scientist, or otherwise associated with commercial manufacturing of skin care. I am a woman who likes what these products have done for my skin and my wallet, and I wanted to share it with you. That is all.


Collect old containers for your new DIY skin care supplies. am upcycling some empty containers to use as my skin care containers. The baby wash container from my boys and will be used for body wash. The Target brand, aquaphor, container is also from my boys and will be used for body scrub. The Neutrogena face wash, from Mr. P, will be used for face soap. Finally the Clinique eye make up remover bottle, from me, will be use for eye make up remover.

Remove lables from old containers for your new DIY skin care supplies. I needed to remove all of the labels. The body wash, face wash and body scrub containers were super easy. All I did was take a hair dryer to the label and it peeled right off (thank you Pinterest) with no sticky residue left behind. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would have to use goo-gone or more elbow grease, it was like magic. I initially tried to remove the Clinique label with some nail polish remover, which typically works great on printed plastic. Not in this case, so instead of trying something more corrosive I just left it on. I am using it for eye make up remover anyway, and that’s what it says on the bottle.

Once those were done, I was thinking I wanted to label them with my own labels, but Pinterest makes things so easy. I found these charming labels and placed my own print on them using Outdoor Mod Podge.  I usually use my own homemade Mod Podge recipe when I am decoupaging, but these most likely will be used in the shower, so I figured Outdoor Mod Podge would be more durable. I used a few light coats of the glue to make sure they lasted.

Ingredients for skin care

DIY skin care: all ingredients neededThe ingredients I used for all of the skin care products are pictured here. Most of them are pretty basic with not a bunch of chemicals. There is one exception to that, the eye makeup remover does have the baby shampoo, which has a long list of ingredients. I tried a few recipes without this the baby wash, but it just didn’t preform as well. The supplies you will need include: apple cider vinegar, distilled water, no more tears baby wash, sugar, coconut oil, probiotic capsules, Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap and essential oils of orange, lavender and tea tree.

There you have it assemble all your supplies and containers and starting tomorrow we will make our body scrub (you will only need sugar, coconut oil and the essential oil of your choosing).

As a busy mom I love being able to pamper myself even if it is just when I’m cleaning the day off of me, and that’s what these skin care products let me do. So as a lead up to Mother’s Day, indulge yourself in soft and happy feeling skin!

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