Food Allergies

The Allergy Discovery

My son, D-Man, has food allergies. His list includes peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, fin fish, and cucumbers. We did not figure these out until D-Man was about 2 years old. (Don’t worry I’m good with the mom guilt about my mistakes leading up to his official diagnosis.)

When he was a baby/infant he always had eczema, so we started using the expensive soap and super gentle detergent…

When he was a toddler he vomited a lot…most times we went out to dinner, every time we were at my mother-in-law’s home, and very frequently at our home… I just thought he had a sensitive stomach….

Nearing his 2nd birthday, we tried peanut butter (we were so excited PB&J is my husband’s favorite food of choice). D-Man broke out in a rash, vomited and had voice changes (according to his allergist this was swelling at his vocal cords…YIKES!). Luckily we got Benadryl in him and watched him closely. Again, according to his allergist, we should have taken him to the ER, bad mommy.

Once we got him tested, blood work and skin tests, the results came back positive for peanuts, tree-nuts and sesame seeds. We needed to keep a journal of any other issues with food or other allergic reactions. Sunflower seeds popped up when I fed him a sandwich with sunflower spread (it’s a great non-nut alternative) at a children’s museum on a play-date. This resulted in vomiting. Fin fish came of light when I served him fresh caught pan fish and he touched it to his face and resulted in swelling of his face. Cucumbers (the weird one, according to the allergist) since every time he tried a pickle he would puke.

In addition to these confirmed allergies, my husband and I were convinced he was allergic to red food dye, so we avoided it for about 18 months. This was not the case. Thank goodness. We dyed everything naturally for 18 months, birthday cakes, Easter eggs, candy, craft projects….it was annoying. Luckily this past year has been wonderful eating all the artificially dyed food at Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, he can have the same juice at day care that everyone else is having, he can get his face painted and play with dyed crafts without second guessing or hesitation.

Adjusting our lives to these food allergies has not been simple, the first year was the worst. Now we have a better understanding of what sets D-Man off and how to control our situation to make a eating a fun experience instead of a scary experiment.

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