Top 8 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash

Do you enjoy extra cash in your pocket every month? Check out my 8 top side hustles that help me to fill my bank account without depleting my family time. #sidehustle

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Do you enjoy earning extra cash every month?

Are you looking to have a some extra cash to put towards your bills, save up for a family vacation, have some guilt free spending cash, or just supplement your income? Keep reading if you have a smart phone, make everyday purchases, have an opinion or want to go into business for yourself. This is a list for you. I am newly separated and nearly divorced with two school aged boys. I currently work a part time job and would like to continue to do so while still being able to pay my bills, stay in my home, take my boys on a vacation, and save for our future. These side hustles help me do exactly that!

The following are my top 8 ways to save and to make a little extra income…..


What is it? This is a FREE app that pays you cash back on everyday purchases. You select the items you are going to purchase from an extensive list and can either scan in your receipt or link it to your loyalty card. The most frequent items I use it with are 15% back from JoAnn’s or cash back from wine (I guess I’m sewing and drinking….). You can get extra bonus cash for different specials they run. Click on the image link below and you get $10 extra bonus cash just for signing up!


What is it? This is a cash rebate website. You get a portion of their referral fees. From places like Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, hotels, …..seriously too many to list. To get started NOW sign up as a member, join using the image link and you get $10 towards your first $25 purchase. You can access Ebates through their website. My alternative way is have the icon on your search bar and whatever site you visit if it is affiliated with Ebates it will activate your cash back. Ebates will also check for the best cash back at checkout! I love this option because I get forgetful and will make a purchase then kick myself for not searching through the Ebates website first. After you join, by clicking on the image below, you will earn an extra $10 when you spend $25 online!


What is it? This is an app in which you earn reward points or “kicks”. You can redeem these kicks for gift cards. You earn kicks in a few ways: walking into a store; scanning items in the store; buying items from a store; buying items online and exploring their adds on the app. I earn a new gift card about every month, which helps to pay for the necessities. I got my oldest son to start looking for kicks items in the stores, it keeps him busy and excited about going shopping with his mom! Click on the image below to sign up and start earning gift cards!


What is it? It’s like Ebates, Shopkicks and a survey site all rolled into one. You earn “swagbucks” and turn them into gift cards. There are different ways you can earn. You can answer survey questions, watch videos, shop online, participate in Swagbuck games and use their search engine to attain reward “swagbucks.” I tend to earn a $25 gift certificate each month, pretty easy to do with very little effort. This is my “don’t feel guilty on spending a little bit on myself” fund. Click on the image below to put money back into your wallet.


What is it? It is a free survey app, but it’s different than the typical survey sites. It alerts you when a question comes up for you to answer. You answer it and BAM! A little change is deposited in your Paypal account. It only takes about 3 seconds to answer and get paid. Rather than the typical survey apps that take more time and only pay you when you reach a threshold amount. Click on the image below to get the app and start earning!

Checkout 51

What is it? This is a coupon app. Much like ibotta. Besides getting money back for everyday items I purchase, there is also a chance to win more money. I tend to use it every time I grocery shop and my receipt comes up to $60. I submit my receipt for a chance to win $500, it’s my way of playing the lottery for free . All you need to do is scan in your receipt. You can download this app from the App Store.


What is it? This is my blog, you are reading it right now! I use it as a journal, a place for recipes I create for my family, and resource for parents to work therapy homework into their everyday lives. Pinterest is my greatest source of visits to my site so I invested in a pin scheduler, Tailwind. Since joining I have had an increase in blog traffic and engagement in my posts. Click on the image below to join Tailwind and start getting more traffic to your blog and more consistent pinning to Pinterest!

My blog is an enjoyable hobby that brings in a little extra money through my three main affiliate programs.

  • Google Adsense which was the first I set up and super easy to install. I create advertisements within my articles to earn a little commission if people click through.
  • Amazon Associates which is where I direct you to if I use a specific game, kitchen tool or item that I write about in my post.
  • Share A Sale where I earn money for certain posts and affiliate referrals. I can choose from 2,500 programs that help me earn a commission from their merchants. You can find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

Independent Consultant for Direct Sales

What is it? I work for a direct sales company and this by far has been the most rewarding of my side hustles. There are so many out in the world today and with social media the way it is, there are so many ways to use your network to expand your paycheck! Find a company that you love the product, love the people, and gives you the benefit of working from home at your pace.

Those are my TOP 8 side hustles. All them help me to stay in a part time job while earning a full time income and don’t pull me away from my family. Let me know how you side hustle and maybe we can build our dreams of financial independence together!

Do you enjoy extra cash in your pocket every month? Check out my 8 top side hustles that help me to fill my bank account without depleting my family time. #sidehustle
Do you enjoy extra cash in your pocket every month? Check out my 8 top side hustles that help me to fill my bank account without depleting my family time. #sidehustle