My New Adventure

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I did it, I jumped into a new adventure! This past week I started my Rodan & Fields journey and I am terrified, excited and intrigued with this new business. My story of how I got involved in this adventure starts with my old college roommate contacting me and inviting me to join her team.  I gave her the brush off and was like, no I don’t have time I have two boys and am dealing with a non-enjoyable marriage situation, leave me alone.

She left it alone…for awhile but then circled back to me a a few months later. In the mean time I had been secretly Facebook stalking her feed and watching her success.  I had also been working on regaining my identity and happiness after a struggling marriage that has ended in divorce. Now I find myself much happier but trying to maintain my house on my income.

If you follow my page you know that I work part time as an occupational therapist and am a part time stay at home mom. I was unwilling to sacrifice my days off to increase my time, and therefore my income, at my current job.  I treasure my days home with my boys, getting them to and from appointments and participating in their classrooms. So I began looking elsewhere for different income streams…and Rodan & Fields kept popping up!

Here I am one week into this thrilling adventure and totally out of my element. I completely enjoy learning about this company. My team leaders are helping me along the way to learn the ins and outs. There are two things that I am doing this week, both have me a terrified and excited. So thrilling to be stepping out of my comfort zone.

first “out of my comfort zone” activity

I am doing a Facebook live post to launch my introduction to this business on my Facebook Page. You think no big deal, people do Live posts all the time. Yes they do, but I don’t. I am planning to participate in this Facebook Live without a filter or makeup to show the in-real-life before video of my skin. If you follow anyone who’s associated with R & F you’ve seen the before and after photos. 

I have wrinkles, acne, age spots, sparse eye brows and tired mom eyes and they will be out there for all the world to see. I received my kit tonight and will be unboxing it to see how I am planning on using these great products. Go ahead and click on the image below to like and follow my Facebook page, then tomorrow you can see me in all my exposed glory!!

second “out of my comfort zone” activity

I am hosting a party at my house to introduce the product to my friends and family. Here’s the thing I am not a sales person by trade. I am in the health care industry so this is not my strong suit. Luckily I have two great supportive ladies that are going to be by my side every step of the way. The first thing I did was contact all the people I know that may be interested in this product, or just interested in getting out of the house to drink wine with some ladies. Go ahead and private message me if you are in the southeastern Wisconsin area and want to come on over for snacks, beverages and learn about these great lines!

Why am I doing this so fast?

I was planning on using the product for at least a month prior to approaching others to help build my business. I wanted to get to know the product and the business prior to jumping right in. But here’s the thing Rodan & Fields has come out with a great promotion for this week only:

Rodan + Fields is gifting a FREE Lash Boost ($150 retail value) to ALL NEW preferred customers who purchase a regimen until March 12!”

According to the rest of my team who has been in this business for years, Rodan & Fields has never offered something so huge!!

So that is my adventure that I am pursuing. If any of this interests you please contact me. You could become a consultant like I have to supplement your income. You could be interested in learning more about the regimes and products or you just want to get in on this great deal.

Click on the image below and it will take you to my Rodan & Fields website where you can check out the product and company, message me if you have any questions!!

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  1. Good luck with your launch! And good on ya for stepping out of your comfort zone! I’ll just be hiding over here, back in my corner. . .

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