Quick & Easy Fresh Green Beans

Fresh green beans are a true taste of summer. Try this quick and easy recipe that will make them a family favorite

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It’s summer and that means garden fresh green beans. I have a small vegetable garden located right outside my kitchen door where I grow our fresh green beans. If you don’t grow your own, pick some up at your local farmer’s market. If you have never grown green beans, I am here to tell you they are the easiest to grow from seed. Kids love to watch them grow, and I usually get two plants from their classrooms every spring. You can enjoy them in a pot if you don’t have a little plot of land.

I grow the bush bean variety because I don’t have a trellis or structure to hold up the pole beans. They also tend to produce faster than pole beans. There are about 5 bean plants in my garden. Once they are ready to harvest I don’t have to buy beans for at least 2 months if not more. I haven’t gotten into canning them for the future, but it’s something I think about. Once I plant my seeds I make sure I mark where I placed the plants so I don’t forget (because I will). I made these garden markers out about 2 years ago and they are still holding up!Fresh green beans are a true taste of summer. Try this quick and easy recipe that will make them a family favorite

To harvest green beans wait until your bean pods are a little thicker than a pencil and 4-7 inches long. Pick them off the plant by hand by pinching the pod loose. It takes a little practice to avoid breaking off more than you want from the plant, but once you do it a couple times it’s easy! Remember to look under the leaves, I usually find extra beans hiding way down underneath. I try to harvest them prior to getting too lumpy, they will be less tender if their seeds inside grow too large.

recipes from the garden are my favorite!

This recipe calls for the garlic butter dipping sauce you get from Papa John’s. If your family isn’t an habitual Papa John’s patron, here’s a great recipe to make a copycat version of their garlic butter sauce. We eat out at Papa John’s at least 2 times a month since it’s safe for my son with multiple food allergies and super easy to order from work and pick up on my way home!
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This recipe calls for steaming your fresh green bean. Steaming vegetables is the best way to cook and preserve your nutrients found in the veggies. Make sure you hold off on washing your fresh green beans until you are ready to steam them. This will also help to keep the most nutrients in these delicious beans.

Below is a picture of the steamer I have fallen in love with! I got it as a gift from my in-laws and use it constantly. I don’t even put it away, it just stays on my stove top ready for it’s next use. If you click on the image it will take you to Amazon to order one for a loved one or yourself!


Quick & Easy Fresh Green Beans

Yield: 4

Quick & Easy Fresh Green Beans


  • 2 cups fresh green beans
  • 2 containers of Papa John's Garlic butter
  • Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper


  1. Wash beans and break off the tips, where it is attached to the vine.
  2. Place in a steamer and pour 1 container of garlic butter over the beans. Steam for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove from steamer, toss beans with 2nd container of garlic butter and season to taste.
  4. Serve warm.


I like my fresh green beans slightly firm and snappy, you can steam them longer if you want them less firm.


I hope you enjoyed this tasty Tuesday recipe. We will be enjoying fresh green beans through the rest of summer. Keep coming back to see what else I am making from my little veggie and herb garden!

Fresh green beans are a true taste of summer. Try this quick and easy recipe that will make these garden vegetables a family favorite

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