Red White and Blue Wreath

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This red, white, and blue wreath can be used for Memorial Day or 4th of July.  I saw a few ideas on Pinterest but we have a dark door so any navy blue would not show up well. I got my inspiration for this from a variety of other wreaths and came up with a little ditty of my own.

I picked up the yarn and wreath frame from JoAnn’s Fabrics. I did a little dumpster diving (our own recycling can) to get the cardboard to make the star. I dug through Mr. P’s college art supplies to locate silver acrylic paint and a glue gun. I opened up my scrap booking supplies to find a star punch. I got out my tackle box to find some fishing line. All I had to do now was start up Scandal on Netflix and I was ready!

416 Notice in my supplies picture I had a 4th of July ribbon…part way through the project I went a different way with the star. No need for the ribbon (Food allergy side note: the cardboard is from Papa John’s which is a safe place for D-Man to eat!)


I traced the inner circle of the wreath on the box, so I could make the star fit inside the wreath. To make the star I measured out a pentagram and connected all the corners, using a ruler or straight edge. Cut out the star and used Mr. P’s silver acrylic paint to cover one side. Prior to the paint drying I punched out a bunch of stars from navy blue paper and stuck them on the wet paint. I thought the stars would hold once it was done drying…they didn’t. I ended up using ModPodge over the dried star to secure the little blue stars in place.


As the star was drying I began wrapping and glue gunning (is that a word?) the yarn on the wreath. I like a good blob of glue at the start and finish of every change of color. If any places seemed loose, or losing their place I would just blob on a little more.

If you are new to glue gun use, you can end up with a ton of little glue strings all over your project. When you are done, just grab your blow dryer and heat up those strings so they disappear into the craft. Make sure that you don’t over use the dryer so that your glued items become undone.


I ended up with a decent looking wreath on our front door with not too much of an effort and most of the supplies found at home. My red, white and blue wreath will be making an appearance this Memorial Day and 4th of July.Red, white and blue wreath. #fourthofjulywreath #memorialdaywreath #funhappinessandlife