Fine Motor Skill Development: with Duck Game

Do you ever feel like your occupational therapist is JUST playing with your child? Well they are playing but not JUST. Occupational therapist’s main goal is develop your child’s skills for the job of living. A child’s job is to play in order to reach their developmental milestones. Play is the easiest way to get children to work on gaining their skills.

It’s hard to work on therapy homework in addition to everything else you have to do at home: feeding the family, keeping house, working on homework and making it to appointments. Some days you just want to sit down and play a game with your kids. Here are some ways you can get your child to work on their developmental skills while playing a simple game.Mosaic 728x90 Continue reading “Fine Motor Skill Development: with Duck Game”

Drinking from an open cup is a challenge for many kids with special needs. Here's how we are learning this life long skill.

Drinking From An Open Cup

Having a child with Down syndrome you tend not to take any small milestone for granted. Every eating and drinking skill is an accomplishment. Drinking from an open cup has been our longest fought for skill. It eludes us. We tried a myriad of approaches and still it is a struggle. I would get frustrated and push too hard, he would give up and not try, and we just couldn’t find anything to bridge the gap between drinking from a straw and drinking from an open cup.
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Learning to put on snowpants is a life skill in the winter. If your child knows how it can save you and their teacher precious time. .

Learning How to Put On Snowpants

It’s snowpants season around here. Are your mornings of trying to get the kids ready for school a little frantic? Winter rolls around and you have to add getting snow gear onto the little darlings. Taking extra time that you really don’t have. I get beyond excited when I leave to get the car started and come back in and one of my kids has at least attempted to get some snow gear on. I know, it’s really the little things that keep me going. “You got your hat on?! All by yourself? WOO-HOO!” Continue reading “Learning How to Put On Snowpants”

Doing the dishes can improve your child's development and help you work therapy homework into your daily hectic life.

Doing the Dishes for Therapy

Here at Fun Happiness and Life we like to work therapy homework into your busy day, today’s skills are built by helping with the dishes. This time of year we are being pulled in so many different directions between school commitments, work commitments, family get togethers and getting ready for the holidays in your own home. All of these other things in our life pull us away from our kid’s developmental skills. If you have a special needs kiddo like mine, we have to continue to foster his development outside of therapy also.

Winter break is coming up for many of our children and to avoid that regression that may come over the break from school we need to think of ways to continue to work on our skills in the home.

Helping with the dishes is a great way to keep working on those skills and get some house work done at the same time. Otherwise known as water play!  Dish duty can help expand that water play time and provide terrific benefits to your little ones. Continue reading “Doing the Dishes for Therapy”

Our Christmas decorations are kid friendly and therapist approved. Check out how we play through the holiday

Kids Christmas Decorations

As I look through my Instagram feed I see so many homes beautifully decked out for Christmas. Our house has it’s own beauty. We have a theme of kid’s Christmas decorations.

We have a loved in-lived in look at our home. You can easily find activities to do in almost every room. This might be the occupational therapist in me, but I love decor that also serves a functional purpose. Especially if that purpose is play. Continue reading “Kids Christmas Decorations”