Fresh green beans are a true taste of summer. Try this quick and easy recipe that will make them a family favorite

Quick & Easy Fresh Green Beans

It’s summer and that means garden fresh green beans. I have a small vegetable garden located right outside my kitchen door where I grow our fresh green beans. If you don’t grow your own, pick some up at your local farmer’s market. If you have never grown green beans, I am here to tell you they are the easiest to grow from seed. Kids love to watch them grow, and I usually get two plants from their classrooms every spring. You can enjoy them in a pot if you don’t have a little plot of land.

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Classic Chicken Salad made without nuts is a great picnic addition. Keeping mind your guests with tree nut allergies.

Classic No Nuts Chicken Salad

It is coming up on the most epic of holidays, Fourth of July! Up here in Wisconsin we like our Fourth celebrations. At almost every Fourth of July picnic there is the scrumptious chicken salad. More often than not this salad has a terrific dose of walnuts in it. Which I agree makes for a tasty dish, but also a deadly one for my son who is allergic to tree nuts. So I like to make a classic chicken salad without the nuts and enjoy it with my whole family.

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This combination of garden vegetables is great over pasta, rice or bread. Spring onions, zucchini and bacon is a tasty and easy meal to prepare this summer.

Spring Onion & Zucchini with Bacon Over Pasta

I love that it is spring and we have farmer’s markets that are starting to fill up with delicious foods. Spring onion is a welcome sight as well as fresh zucchini. This recipe is the tastiest of fresh garden foods. I tend to buy spring onions very infrequently because I save the little rooted buds at the end and tuck them in some dirt. They work in a pot or right in your garden. I have had luck with them producing for about 3-4 cuttings then needing replanting.

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Ham and hard boiled egg casserole is a comfort food that everyone at the table will enjoy. It's easy to make and ready in just 30 minutes.

Ham & Hard Boiled Egg Casserole

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