Doing the dishes can improve your child's development and help you work therapy homework into your daily hectic life.

Doing the Dishes for Therapy

Here at Fun Happiness and Life we like to work therapy homework into your busy day, today’s skills are built by helping with the dishes. This time of year we are being pulled in so many different directions between school commitments, work commitments, family get togethers and getting ready for the holidays in your own home. All of these other things in our life pull us away from our kid’s developmental skills. If you have a special needs kiddo like mine, we have to continue to foster his development outside of therapy also.

Winter break is coming up for many of our children and to avoid that regression that may come over the break from school we need to think of ways to continue to work on our skills in the home.

Helping with the dishes is a great way to keep working on those skills and get some house work done at the same time. Otherwise known as water play!  Dish duty can help expand that water play time and provide terrific benefits to your little ones. Continue reading “Doing the Dishes for Therapy”

Therapy Thursday

National Board Certified Occupational Therapist providing ways to work therapy homework into daily life #therapythursday #occupationaltherapy #NBCOTTherapy Thursday is going to be a weekly blog post that I hope you enjoy. I am a pediatric OT (occupational therapist) and I work with kids on their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and IADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living). I have been an occupational therapist since 2002. In the past I worked for 5 years in a school setting primarily in early childhood and elementary schools. Currently I am working in a children’s acute care hospital setting.

In addition my own child receives occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and special education services. You see I am a mother of a child with Down Syndrome. Since having Big-C and trying to work on all of the things he gets introduced to in therapy and school I have a better understanding of why home programs or therapy homework does not always get done. You know sometimes life happens and other things take priority. Continue reading “Therapy Thursday”

Raising a son with Down Syndrome means raising him to be a contributing member of society. We want him to grow up with the same life skills as our typically developing son and those lessons start now!

You Will Be Able To Do Things

We are raising you to become an independent adult, right now you are child who just happens to have Down syndrome. We believe you will be able to do things and it is up to us to help you learn how. It would be so much easier if we did things for you instead of you trying to do them for yourself:

    • Instead of making you hold our hand and walk across the parking lot it would be easier just to pick you up and carry you to our car.
    • Instead of having you help with brushing your teeth it would be easier if we just did it for you, we would also save on toothbrushes.
    • Instead of making you work on taking off/ on your coat at school/daycare/home it would go so much faster if we did it all for you.

  • Instead of coaxing you to use your words and signs to communicate to say hi, bye, mama, and dada it would be so much easier let you just use your “aah” and wave for everything we wouldn’t have to wait for you to work on forming those words
  • Instead of giving you time to choose your cereal in the morning our routine would be faster if we just picked for you.
  • Instead of sitting down with you and helping you learn how to dress yourself, it would be so much easier if we just dressed as if you were a baby and not a little boy.
  • Instead of trying to practice going to the bathroom on the potty, it would be so much easier to just change your diaper.
  • Instead of picking up after yourself, it would be so much easier and faster if we picked up your messes.

Yes all of these things would right now be easier and go faster and not make our day seem like more work. But how will you learn to care for yourself, be safe when walking, be able to communicate with your friends? We do all of these things and spend this time and effort now so you can grow up to be a successful adult. We will continue do help you to achieve all you can.
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Yes you are only 3 years old now but soon you will be 5, then 10, then 16, then 21… will be so much harder for us to do these things for you if you aren’t taught how to do them.

Yes you have Down Syndrome, but that in no way interferes with our need to teach you how to do these daily skills, just like we taught your brother. These things might take longer to learn, more repetition, more steps broken down until you can do them by yourself. I have no doubt that you will be able to do them by yourself.

Check out other stories of our journey of raising a little fella with down syndrome by following the fun happy nooks link in the right side bar under down syndrome!


Raising a son with Down Syndrome means raising him to be a contributing member of society. We want him to grow up with the same life skills as our typically developing son and those lessons start now!

Fall yard work is a great outdoor activity to help improve your child's fine motor, gross motor and sensory development. Working therapy homework into your daily life.

Therapy Thursday: Fall Yard Work

It’s been awhile since I did a Therapy Thursday post if you are new to Fun Happiness and Life, I try to post ideas about working your therapy homework into everyday activities. Because let’s face it we typically don’t have time between school activities, family activities, keeping a house running, and work to set aside and focus on all the therapy homework. I feel that if we make the effort in our everyday activities we help our children build their skills and generalize it into their everyday world. Fall yard work needs to get done, so does therapy homework; time to work together!

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Working therapy homework and development skills into your hectic life by having your children help with daily chores like laundry.

Therapy Thursday: Laundry Day Again…

It’s Therapy Thursday, find out about my reasons for having my 2 year old with Down Syndrome, otherwise known as Big-C, participate in household chores here.

Yes, laundry, for a few reasons. First of all, the minute Big-C was able to move on his own, he bee-lined it to the laundry basket. Full or empty, he did not care before he was 1 year old he was in love with laundry. Second we are a home of two small boys, a mommy, a daddy, and a kitty. We have laundry and we have to do about 5-6 loads a week. Repetition is great for kiddos who are learning, especially for our kiddos with Down Syndrome. With laundry in our house you get repetition. Third there are so many things Big-C can work on and also “help” me with the laundry.

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