Upcycle Diaper Box

I hated what was happening on top of my refrigerator. Every night Wednesday through Friday I empty out lunch boxes belonging to D-Man, Big-C and myself from our day at work/daycare. As a result we get a pile of crap on top of the refrigerator. I was determined to make it stop, I had a few options.

The top of the refrigerator was the dumping ground for our lunch boxes. #makeitmonday #funhappinessandlife #gluerocksI could find some space in one of my kitchen cabinets to store the lunch boxes, but I use that space and didn’t want to free it up. I could take the lunch boxes to the basement every night and bring them up every morning, but “no thank you” says my knees I run those stairs enough. We could finally build our new house and give me a walk-in pantry and bigger kitchen, that might not happen by this weekend. I could buy a cute box and place all the stuff in it, but my frugal self didn’t want to spend that money. I decided my only option to make my own box with materials I have already in my home (I got to use the glue gun!).

I have plenty of cardboard boxes otherwise known as diaper boxes. I have revamped a few of them into book boxes around the house, but have always used paper to cover the boxes. Continue reading “Upcycle Diaper Box”

Face Wash: DIY Skin Care

DIY Face Wash used for my oily acne prone skin and has reduced my breakouts and pimples disappear faster. There are few reasons that I chose to pursue making my own face wash. First money, it’s a bunch less expensive to make your own instead of buying. Second ingredients, I was tired of putting a ton of chemicals on my skin that may or may not have been helping it. Third acne, I have had acne since I was in 5th grade this year I am turning 40 and I feel that I finally have control of my skin.

My skin is not perfect, I am turning 40 I have wrinkles, old acne scars and age spots. Now that I am using my homemade face wash my face feels better than it has ever felt in my life, I have less break outs and the acne I do get are small and short lasting. I was on topical creams/lotions/potions from dermatologists at a young age, they all worked initially but not lasting results. They tended to help me with breakouts after they occurred. I had also gone the ProActive way. I loved how my skin looked at first, but then it got more dried out and patchy, my face especially became tight and seemed to wrinkle faster. Continue reading “Face Wash: DIY Skin Care”

Body Wash: DIY Skin Care

DIY Body wash made from 2 ingredientsBody wash is the third DIY skin care product that I make for myself at home. Most body washes have water as their first ingredient, and it seemed like I was paying a lot of money for some water and soap. Instead, I decided to make my own and use a soap I love and that I love the smell of. You can buy this soap in it’s liquid form and use it as a body wash as well, but I like the thickness that I get when making my own. Continue reading “Body Wash: DIY Skin Care”

Body Scrub: DIY Skin Care

Body scrub is one of my easiest DIY skin care items. I use it in the shower and afterwards my skin feels moisturized and alive. I use the body scrub about two times a week, sometimes more in the winter and when my skin is dryer. This week I bringing to you my DIY skin care items, why I use them and how to make them.

Body Scrub Ingredients

Body scrub for DIY skin careCoconut Oil:  Is a great moisturizer, due saturated fats, in addition to being smooth and soft to the touch when applied to the skin it also retains the moisture of the skin. The fatty acids in the coconut oil have disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. The vitamin-E in coconut oil that we use in the body scrub, helps skin be nourished and prevent premature aging. The proteins help with skin health and repair. (for more in depth information check out this link.)

There are a bunch of different kinds of coconut oil. All the various kinds are explained in this easy to understand post. In short I buy organic, cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil for all my DIY skin care and cooking needs. I make sure to avoid any hydrogenated oil. I find mine in 14 oz containers at ALDI.natural organic products Continue reading “Body Scrub: DIY Skin Care”

DIY Skin Care

DIY skin care: face wash, body wash, body scrub and eye makeup removerI have been making my own skin care products including body wash, face wash, eye make-up remover and body scrub for the past year and wanted to share what has worked. I got started making my own skin care after I began making my own laundry supplies and loving the results. Of course I am a Pinterest addict (admitting is the first step) and had seen many posts about DIY skin care products. So there are a TON of options out there. The body wash, eye make-up remover and body scrub are pretty basic. The face wash has a few more ingredients and process, but still is simple to follow.

Within the following week I will be posting a product that I choose to use on my skin and the ingredients I prefer. Remember I am not a dermatologist, scientist, or otherwise associated with commercial manufacturing of skin care. I am a woman who likes what these products have done for my skin and my wallet, and I wanted to share it with you. That is all. Continue reading “DIY Skin Care”