Upcycle Diaper Box

I hated what was happening on top of my refrigerator. Every night Wednesday through Friday I empty out lunch boxes belonging to D-Man, Big-C and myself from our day at work/daycare. As a result we get a pile of crap on top of the refrigerator. I was determined to make it stop, I had a […]

Face Wash: DIY Skin Care

There are few reasons that I chose to pursue making my own face wash. First money, it’s a bunch less expensive to make your own instead of buying. Second ingredients, I was tired of putting a ton of chemicals on my skin that may or may not have been helping it. Third acne, I have […]

DIY Skin Care

I have been making my own skin care products including body wash, face wash, eye make-up remover and body scrub for the past year and wanted to share what has worked. I got started making my own skin care after I began making my own laundry supplies and loving the results. Of course I am […]