Emergency Information free printable to give to people taking care of your child with food allergies.

Safe Play Dates with Food Allergies

This week, I made you something for Make It Monday! It’s a free printable that may help your food allergic kiddo when faced with a medical emergency on a play date.

My son, D-Man, has severe food allergies, he is an anaphylactic, and he has a social life. He is in kindergarten, goes to birthday parties and on play dates. Yes we protect for his safety in these situations, but we let him go to the parties and friend’s houses. I cannot decide if we are less fearful for his safety or just more prepared to handle his food allergies. I don’t think my husband or I could say that even a year ago.

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Delicious nut free treats are great to serve at your next holiday gathering and fun to put together with kids.

Nut Free Holiday Treats

Are you looking for a few holiday treats that are simple to make and you can share them with your family and friends who may have peanut or tree nut allergies?


My son, D-Man, has food allergies. He is allergic to the point of anaphylaxis (meaning his throat will close up and he will stop breathing if ingested) to tree nuts and peanuts. Holiday time can be hard to accommodate for food allergies when you are trying to host a whole family or just contribute to a get together.

D-Man, Big-C and I spent about an hour putting together these three tasty treats to make our holiday time more inclusive and yummy. If you dream of spending an afternoon with the children in your life baking cookies or making holiday treats this is a spectacular past time. In our house we get to sample the treats and any broken pieces are gobbled up. It makes for great fun! Continue reading “Nut Free Holiday Treats”

Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Sun dried tomato hummus that is tahini free and therefor sesame seed free. Full of flavor and easy to whip up. The little boys were out of the house for TWO nights in a row, thank you Grandparents. The hubs and I were able to make a meal with as much flavor as we wanted. We could even try something new without repercussions…I didn’t have to encourage/persuade/force anyone to try the food. No one came to the dinner table and threw a fit because something looked different. What an experience!

I made my own sun dried tomato hummus with tons of garlic and no tahini oil.

No Tahini Means No Sesame Seeds

My older son has an allergy to sesame seeds and many other foods. We can never buy hummus in the store so I have begun experimenting with my own recipes, eliminating the tahini oil. Although D-Man was not in the house on this night, we made the recipe safe for him to eat. He can choose to eat the hummus when he returns from his glorious time with the Grandparents. Continue reading “Sun Dried Tomato Hummus”

Our Teal Pumpkin Project

make it Monday for food allergies

Teal pumpkins because we supply non-food items for Trick-or-TreatThis post is dedicated to my son, D-Man. He has food allergies and our family is part of the food allergy community. When he was diagnosed with his multiple food allergies we felt that he may never be able to trick or treat. BOY WERE WE WRONG! Thanks to the folks at FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) who started an initiative in 2014.

The initiative is the Teal Pumpkin Project. In brief it is to provide non-food items to individuals trick or treating and spread awareness of the initiative. It is super simple to be a participant in the initiative if you are so inclined.

  1. Provide non-food treats for trick or treat-ers (check out my Pinterest board for ideas)
  2. Place a teal pumpkin in front of your home to indicate you have non-food treats available.
  3. In addition, you can display a sign to explain the Teal Pumpkin Project to help spread awareness and increase participation. (FARE has a bunch of free printable options on their website)

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Butternut Squash Pasta

Butternut squash pasta is a creamy lovely treat this autumn. #tastytuesday #funhappinessandlifeButternut squash is in season and so creamy right now. I love this squash. As my son, D-Man, was walking through the market, he starts singing “butternut, butternut squash.” My thought was YES so in the mood for butternut squash soup. The squash sat on my counter for a few days. I love butternut squash soup, but my children may like pasta more. Also the effort it takes to get to the flesh of the squash slowed me down.

With the changing seasons I love getting back to more comfort foods that are warm and inviting. This dish does just that, it is smooth and creamy that has just the right amount of flavor to keep your taste buds interested. I’m glad I changed my mind and made the pasta instead of the soup. I love them both, but the kids enjoy noodles of any kind over soups.

creamy comfort food

Finally I settled on making butternut squash pasta. Now there is no easy hack to get to the flesh of the squash, except by cutting it open, scooping it out and talking off the skin with a vegetable peeler. At least that’s how I do it. Yes it is labor intensive at the start, but the result is heavenly and this recipe makes a ton of pasta great for left overs. Continue reading “Butternut Squash Pasta”