Homemade Mother's Day Gift to Pamper Mom. Using essential oils and coconut oil give her a gift from the heart

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift to Pamper Mom

Mother’s day is just a few weeks away. Do you have your Mother’s Day gift picked out already? Or are you like most of us and have trouble finding just the right item to give your mom to show her how much you care? I have just the thing that you will be able to spoil her with. A self care gift to use at home and handmade by you! It has items to make her skin feel wonderful, help those mom eyes stay healthy, and if she gets under the weather something to help perk her up.natural organic products Continue reading “Homemade Mother’s Day Gift to Pamper Mom”

Homemade makeup remover and cleaning pads made from an upcycled flannel pajama. To reduce waste, save money and look cute.

Homemade Makeup Remover & Cleansing Pads

Happy Make It Monday everyone! I made my own makeup remover and cleansing pads this weekend. I came around to this little craft by happenstance. Do you ever forget that you tossed your flannel pajamas in the dryer again! Now the pajamas are all shrunk unevenly and uncomfortable to wear because of the shrinkage.  I was trying to think of what to do with them. The flannel still felt awesome but the material didn’t fit right.

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Homemade Vapor rub and other tricks to deals with the symptoms of cold and flu.

Homemade Vapor Rub

Making homemade vapor rub was not what I had planned. A week ago all three of my men and I were enjoying a shopping trip. I thought to myself, “We’ve been really healthy, wow it’s going to be a great holiday.” One week later and we are all sick. My husband and I had to miss seeing Rogue One and the boys had to miss seeing their grandparents/sitters. What a super bummer. Below are some things we do to help fight cold and flu symptoms.natural organic products Continue reading “Homemade Vapor Rub”

DIY Face Wash for Winter

These simple ingredients make a refreshing face wash to keep your skin moisturized, clear and glowing for winter.I have a long history of acne from puberty all through adulthood. I have tried many facial cleansers, ointments and lotions. Creating my own face wash has given me the best results. Now that it is supposedly fall going into winter (although it was 65 degrees today did someone forget the memo that it’s almost November?) I also need something to help the dryness that occurs.

DIY Face Wash used for my oily acne prone skin and has reduced my breakouts and pimples disappear faster.Last spring I posted about a face wash I had been using. I love this recipe but it has coconut oil in it, which is a spectacular product. The issue I had with coconut oil only became apparent with colder days. My face wash would separate because the coconut oil would return to solid and the rest of the ingredients would remain liquid. I had to spend more time everyday mixing it up to the point where I needed to figure out a new recipe.

My skin changes with the changing seasons and I needed something that would help. I have been using this new recipe for the last 2 months, it does not separate and it makes my skin feel soft, nourished and clean.

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