Upcycled gum containers are a great way to organize your small items in your home. Mod Podge and some decorative paper and labels make it cute!

Upcycled Gum Containers

My husband and I are both gum chewers. About a year ago we found our most favorite gum. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes, we both like a variety of flavors and LOVE the containers they come in. Between the two of us we go through a bunch of containers of gum in a short amount of time.

I have one in my locker at work, one in a cup holder in my car, one in my purse and one in a drawer in my kitchen. I am a little obsessed…maybe? Totally didn’t realize how many places I had a gum container stashed until I started working on this post. Anyways this post isn’t about the gum, it’s about the containers. Continue reading “Upcycled Gum Containers”

Make this easy quick Mod Podge craft with seasonal decor from the Dollar Store. This DIY Leaf Bowl can hold add color to your autumn decorations this fall.

DIY Leaf Bowl

Happy November everybody! I have an easy quick DIY to make this delicate leaf bowl.

My mind is still having difficulty believing it is November since my son is wearing SHORTS to school again today. Here in Wisconsin it is usually frosty and possibly snowing. Weird. I had to remind myself that Thanksgiving (which I am hosting) is just two short weeks away. In a lead up to this autumn holiday, I am pulling out all my decorations and unearthed this one I made last year.

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DIY cork coasters are a quick decoupage project that can add to your holiday decor.

DIY Holiday Coasters

I made Spiderman cork coasters in the past and love how they stood up to use and liquids. We are a superhero fan family and these fit in great in our TV den. I thought I would make a few to put out at different holidays to add to our home decor. Fall is coming up so I dug out my old scrapbooking supplies and was able to find a few sheets of paper that fit the bill. I am a total Snapfish user now, therefore I like to find different ways to use up old scrapbooking supplies.

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Upcycle Diaper Box

I hated what was happening on top of my refrigerator. Every night Wednesday through Friday I empty out lunch boxes belonging to D-Man, Big-C and myself from our day at work/daycare. As a result we get a pile of crap on top of the refrigerator. I was determined to make it stop, I had a few options.

The top of the refrigerator was the dumping ground for our lunch boxes. #makeitmonday #funhappinessandlife #gluerocksI could find some space in one of my kitchen cabinets to store the lunch boxes, but I use that space and didn’t want to free it up. I could take the lunch boxes to the basement every night and bring them up every morning, but “no thank you” says my knees I run those stairs enough. We could finally build our new house and give me a walk-in pantry and bigger kitchen, that might not happen by this weekend. I could buy a cute box and place all the stuff in it, but my frugal self didn’t want to spend that money. I decided my only option to make my own box with materials I have already in my home (I got to use the glue gun!).

I have plenty of cardboard boxes otherwise known as diaper boxes. I have revamped a few of them into book boxes around the house, but have always used paper to cover the boxes. Continue reading “Upcycle Diaper Box”

How to craft up a plain recipe box to match your decor with some paint, material and Mod podge.How to craft up a plain recipe box to match your decor with some paint, material and Mod podge.

DIY Recipe Box Craft

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I got crafty this past week with my new recipe box. I am a user and lover of hand held devices….except when cooking. Do you get frustrated when you’re trying to follow a recipe and…a pop up comes up…your device shuts down because you didn’t need to look at the recipe for awhile…or your kids come in and say “can I have iPad time?”… your fingers are sticky/wet/floury whatever and you need to scroll for the next step. That is why I continue to stick with cookbooks or and handwritten recipes. I have one new recipe box I crafted up and one old-new-to-me recipe box that I don’t want to alter.

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