DIY handmade cloth napkin is an easy sewing craft to make a reusable product and cut down on waste in your kitchen.

DIY Cloth Napkin Tutorial

Handmade cloth napkins are simple and quick to make. These DIY cloth napkins are a great way to use up excess material scraps. In my case, it was a great way use up a mistaken overbuy of material.

My two school aged boys have a bad habit of using a paper napkin only once then grabbing another one and another one and another one. Before I know it there are 6 napkins used in one meal. I hated throwing away those partially used napkins. I also hated buying something that I knew I could make and reuse.

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Do you enjoy extra cash in your pocket every month? Check out my 8 top side hustles that help me to fill my bank account without depleting my family time. #sidehustle

Top 8 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash

Do you enjoy earning extra cash every month?

Are you looking to have a some extra cash to put towards your bills, save up for a family vacation, have some guilt free spending cash, or just supplement your income? Keep reading if you have a smart phone, make everyday purchases, have an opinion or want to go into business for yourself. This is a list for you. I am newly separated and nearly divorced with two school aged boys. I currently work a part time job and would like to continue to do so while still being able to pay my bills, stay in my home, take my boys on a vacation, and save for our future. These side hustles help me do exactly that!

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Twas the Night Before Christmas Box is a terrific family tradition that helps the kids get to bed, look nice in the morning and kick off Christmas day with JOY!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Box: A Family Tradition

As I am writing this post it is 47 days until Christmas. Life is coming at me pretty fast this year and I haven’t been on top of Christmas presents. I am set with my Night Before Christmas Box. This is one of my favorite Christmas Traditions. It sets the tone for Christmas day and helps my kids get to bed the night before Christmas.

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Door Knob Silencer. Quick and easy sewing project for nursery. New moms would love this functional gift to keep your door latch quiet when the door opens and closes.

Door Knob Silencer: To Avoid Waking a Sleeping Baby

This door knob silencer is an easy sewing project for yourself or to make for any new mom. I also find it helpful when wanting to have less slamming doors for families that are on different sleep schedules, toddlers that lock themselves into rooms and for animals trap themselves into rooms. It comes in handy on the days that the windows are open and a gust of wind swings the doors shut.  This sewing project takes about 15 minutes to create and the result can give you years of quiet closing doors.

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