Bedtime Hugs

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Tonight after putting my 3 year old to bed I went in to give my 5 year old his hug. D-Man had daddy night tonight, in our house that means daddy tucked him in. I love that no matter who puts D-Man to bed he always wants a hug from the other one before he falls asleep. Tonight I went in to give him my hug and he asked me to stay with him while he falls asleep. He usually asks for us to stay with him, but I usually say no I have to… do the dishes…do some work…pick up the house…get ready for bed…help his brother…do some laundry… Tonight I decided to indulge the big boy and in the end it was indulgent for me. My elder son hugged onto my arm as I knelt next to his bed and sweetly drifted off to sleep.

It only took about 5 minutes but in that time we got to whisper about the fun we had today, think about the fun for tomorrow and drift off with happy thoughts in both of our heads. No do lists in my head and no need to be a big boy and fall asleep on his own. That to me is a great weekend wandering moment.

Hope this weekend you spend a little more time being indulgent to your family and yourself too.